Singapore School Of Medicine – Skin Screen Studies

This first image is from a series of louvers that respond to points on a specific surface. There was a thought that the points could correspond to program and desires for more or less transparency in any given space. Directly linking the facade/exterior to the interior.  


The other studies had to do with Voronio patterns on an outboard screen clipped to the facade. The opening size and orientation is a response to the interior elements. 







As always, email me if you would like to look at the grasshopper file. 

  1. Haley said:

    Thanks for the post, I would love a look at your file (

    PS: another reason for the interest is because i was an intern at the NYC P+W office last fall and had not idea the extent of parametric design being explored in other offices…


    • Hi Haley

      I sent you some files through my work email. Look out for them. I would like ot keep the dialogue going here so that it stays public. Good Luck

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