Hummingbird (Grasshopper- to – Revit) Geometry Importer

HI There,

Mario Guttman and Tim Meador have developed a new geometry importer from Grasshopper to Revit. I have started using it on a project and wanted to share the initial results with you. You can download all of the Hummingbird items here


this project is in it’s initial design phase and we are trying out a variety of skin systems/types on a fairly conservative massing. The developer wants to get an innovative design while not giving up sq’, how unusual right. So my initial thought was that grasshopper could really help that iterative process, wouldn’t it be great if we could speed up the Revit process as well.


well all Tim and I had to do was get Mario excited about this and away we go!  As always just email me and I will share the definitions etc. with you. Good luck!


  1. Interesting blog! Thanks to share is a nice importer, well documented! Thanks

    • Hi Davide

      i am glad you liked it. I checked your blog out as well, it’s very cool. Please see my other blog . I am moving to NYC in September… wish me luck!

  2. biosjessaustin said:

    Reblogged this on Bios Design Collective and commented:
    This is a project from my work at Perkins+Will, with Mario Guttman and Tim Meador. I hope you enjoy!

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